Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Transitioning from managing teams to leading groups is difficult, but the juice is worth the squeeze. Sometimes managers are expected to be leaders and visa versa; this mismatch can damage individuals and organisations. My vision using coaching is to help leaders to become more effective, for managers to transition into leaders and empower managers to become even better at managing.

Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool to become aware of and change behaviour. By using listening skills, personality assessment and open questions, significant change can occur. The process will empower strengths and identify weaknesses to strengthen an individuals’ skillset. My coaching approach will always ensure the welfare of the coachee and teams they lead. Creating productive and healthy cultures in teams has a significant positive effect on wellness and productivity, a coaching culture puts responsibilities low in the organisation and will introduce trust in people within organisations and teams.

No person is perfect, but a position of authority comes with the responsibility to be the best you can be. I enjoy seeing people grow and become absolutely excellent at the job they are doing. Helping people to become the best version of themselves is a challenge I gladly accept. I will push a coachee to take responsibility for the skills and talents they have developed, accountability if you will. When individuals explore their strengths and become aware of weaknesses their effectiveness will increase significantly.

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